Internal Audit Services

We routinely provides a range of internal audit and related activities to clients including:-


  • Fully outsourced internal audit service: where we provide the full range of IA work to clients over a strategic period, including audit management, a full programme of work including specialist work & audit committee / board representation. We hear time and time again positive comments about the added value, both in governance terms, and through access to a wider range of expertise (e.g. IT audit, performance management audit, risk management) which has broadened the scope of work and therefore subsequent assurances about the internal control framework;


  • Co-sourced (top-up) service: where we provide a tailored expertise to clients that already have / or who want to maintain an internal provision. This works particularly well where there is a level of internal resource which may require direction / or supervision;


  • Specialist advice: where we undertake one-off project audits (e.g. IT audit, risk management, value for money) with a specific objective and scope;


  • Interim management: our Audit Manager can provide an audit management function to your internal resource ensuring that proper standards are maintained and that work is effective and properly scoped and directed;


  • Training: we regularly undertake training sessions to a variety of audiences including board, audit committee, internal auditors, and non-audit staff on topics as varied as audit committee effectiveness, technical audit (e.g. IT), risk management, risk based audit. We are able to tailor our training to your specific needs.


The above provides a generic flavour of the work we can provide and the different methods by which this may be achieved.


JRC Ltd Internal Audit and Risk Management team is dedicated to internal audit and its people have extensive experience of this discipline across a range of sectors and organisation types, from small & medium sized enterprises, to large and complex public sector organisations. 


Issues you may be facing

  • Concern over risk exposure


  • Compliance with regulatory requirements


  • Lack of or poorly managed Internal Audit function


  • Compliance with Corporate Governance