For this specialised area, we have a team of people with a vast experience of schools internal audit. We offer a full range of specialist services to potential or existing schools/academies to help them in a variety of areas. This includes primary, secondary and academy schools.


We can bring our expertise and extensive knowledge to schools that are required, or wish to introduce, some or all of the areas mentioned below.


Value added services we are able to provide include:-

  • Governance – advice on both corporate level and process related governance structures;


  • Risk management – advising on or developing a risk management strategy that is appropriate, and then creating a risk register that is fit for purpose and populated with risks and assurances that will help you to mitigate and manage risks effectively;


  • Financial controls framework – design / re-design and development of effective key internal financial controls;


  • Internal audit – an organisation wide review service that is properly risk focused (rather than transaction oriented) - that encompasses financial and non-financial matters - and which provides clear and unambiguous assurances about the design and operation of internal controls;


  • Developing internal policies and procedures and regulations for both financial and non-financial activities that are wholly appropriate to the organisation and fit for purpose, rather than those imposed by the LA – examples include whistle blowing, fraud and corruption, tendering, and financial regulations and procedures manual;


  • We can also provide or advise on the pivotal Responsible Officer (RO) role that is vital to the financial control regime of an academy, which has a crucial relationship with the governing body, and which we believe operates most effectively as an integral part of an internal audit